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At Pablo the Dog, we are dedicated to improving the way dogs are fed. We all make choices about how we feed ourselves. The kind of care we place in our own nutrition varies from one individual to another. Some of us are strict vegetarians, while others cannot stay away from a juicy hamburger. But we all have something in common: none of us would be satisfied eating exclusively food that came out of a box. Regardless of its nutritional content and excellence of flavour, it would never live up to the pleasure of a plate of food prepared with fresh, good quality ingredients. The same applies to our four legged friends. That is why we created the MuttBall.


2MBs+aForkThe quality of pet foods may be the most important factor in many common medical and surgical problems. Gastrointestinal diseases, especially those causing chronic vomiting and diarrhea represent 35 to 40 percent of all the problems seen in cats and dogs. Before 1950, when pet owners seldom fed their pets commercial pet foods, the incidence of gastrointestinal problems was much lower than it is now. Same is true for skin diseases.

Our MuttBalls have no added chemicals, by-products, meat meals, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.
Good nutrition is one of the most important factors in ensuring your dog lives a long healthy life.
These are some of benefits that you can expect to see in your best friend once MuttBalls are added to their daily diet:

• Your dog suddenly loves mealtime.
• Your dog’s energy level and mood improves. You’ll notice it!
• Your dog’s breath gets sweeter! It might not be minty fresh, but it’ll be a whole lot better!.
• Your dog’s coat looks shinier and feels more silky.
• Your dog’s odd itching behavior (allergies) may improve and even disappear.
• Your dog’s extra flab slowly disappears and maybe even turns to muscle.
• Your dog’s poo changes. It will be much smaller and, if you can believe it, even a lot less smelly. (Want to learn even more? click here for more info)

Our MuttBalls come in Packs of 3′s, 6′s and 14′s and they come frozen vacuumed packed in resealable bags.

For a detailed Guaranteed Nutritional Analysis please click here. Contact us for pricing and don’t fret we have even made it affordable to feed your BIG dog MuttBalls everyday!

Cookies + Chips

How a dog is fed hugely influences its health and life expectancy. This applies not only to their food but also to the treats we give them.

After we perfected the MuttBalls, we set out to create treats that are just as wholesome. We make our cookies with the same care we take when preparing MuttBalls. We select the ingredients with great care, and we purchase the grains directly from the mill.

Our cookies come in two different styles – chips and cookies. The chips are this and light in weight, and easily break into small bits. They are ideal for training, when you want to reward your dog for a task well performed but you don’t want to fill its belly with food. The cookies are more substantial, generally a larger treat that is a pleasure for our canine friends to chew on. Both chps and cookies are made with the same high quality ingredients.

Deliver the Liver
  • Wholes wheat flour, fresh liver, skim milk powder, parsley, vitamin E and a bit of garlic.
Tuna Delights
  • Whole wheat flour, tuna, eggs, safflower oil, water, vitamin E and fresh parsley.
Pumpkin Goodness
  • Whole wheat flour, pumpkin, oat bran, eggs, unsweetened apple sauce, safflower oil, powdered skim milk, cheddar cheese and vitamin E.
Yummy Wonders
  • Oatmeal, oat flour and/or brown rice flour, eggs, safflower oil and molasses.
Peanut Butter Chews
  • Oatmeal, olive oil, powdered milk, peanut butter, cornmeal, wheat germ, whole wheat flour and vitamin E.
Not Chocolate
  • Brown rice flour, water, skim milk powder, carob chips, safflower oil, molasses and Vitamin E.